The PhanDom Menace - the music

The soundtrack Noises From The PhanDom Menace, is a galaxy far far away from the massive orchestrations of John Williams' Star Wars scores.

Instead we get urban spaceman soundtrackery by a variety of Melbourne independent electronic musicians. But rather than the thumping techno often associated with the electronic music scene, the PhanDom Menace soundtrack presents a rich variety of synthetic spacescapes.

From the warbling synths and ethereal vocal on opener Lost in the Stars through to the Kyuss-on-Jupiter space-rock sludge of Plastic Spacemen's storming closer We Come in Peace But We're Bringing Guns, The PhanDom Menace's music mirrors the fans' obsessions with the retro-futuristic man versus machine ethic of the Star Wars saga. Between these two vocal bookends lie nine instrumentals of understated beauty, including Brëss's serene bell and string symphony Rocks and Sand, the warped delays and skittering rhythms of 1999's Casio tune Aircar to the Moon, and three tracks of Phonophobic's V-drum driven technoscapes. These are synths and electronics used to conjure up as much subtelty, nuance and feeling as any sweeping romantic violin or bombastic orchestra found on more traditional soundtracks.

The soundtrack is available from the online shop, and is also available as an exclusive bonus feature on the DVD. To hear MP3s of the tracks, click on the track names in the track listing below; or click on the artist names for more info on the artists.

 1. Lost in the Stars - e-Wok feat. Ebony Blue
 2. Rocks and Sand - Brëss
 3. Aircar to the Moon - 1999
 4. 16 Years - Phonophobic
 5. Force Free - Beef Beef Viola
 6. Catwalking Inc. - Phonophobic
 7. Droid World - e-Wok
 8. Obi Won - Phonophobic
 9. Aircar to the Moon [Very C Grade Remix] - 1999 [remix by e-Wok]
10. Droid World [robot tribe] - e-Wok [remix by a.d. machine]
11. We Come in Peace, But We're Bringing Guns [Part 1] - Plastic Spacemen
12. We Come in Peace, But We're Bringing Guns [Part 2] - Plastic Spacemen

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