Plastic Spacemen

We Come In Peace But We're Bringing Guns was the final recording finished under the name Plastic Spacemen. The Spacemen were founded in 1992 and played over 100 gigs around Victoria with various line-ups before disbanding. The Spacemen sound embodied an energy and eclecticism rarely found elsewhere in the galaxy.

This recording, Part 2 of which provides the crunching climax to the documentary, is the last made by the band, and features:

James Evans - bass
Martin Evans - drums & V-drums
Brett Harrington - guitar
Martin Holt - vocoder & production
Warwick Holt - keyboards, vocals & production

We Come In Peace But We're Bringing Guns (Part 1) (J. Evans/M. Evans/B. Harrington/M. Holt/W. Holt)

We Come In Peace But We're Bringing Guns (Part 2) (M. Evans/B. Harrington/M. Holt/W. Holt)

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MP3s of earlier Spacemen recordings are available at The Plastic Planet - the official Plastic Spacemen site.

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