The PhanDom Menace - the press

The PhanDom Menace has been acclaimed by media worldwide as the most compelling and insightful documentary available on Star Wars fandom. Below is a list of links to online reviews as well as copies of offline reviews, interviews and articles.


* The Pine Bluff Commercial gave it A - "a VERY well done piece of work"... such a lovely review we'll forgive them for spelling Warwick's name Warkick!
* "I got a bit of a sinister kick out of watching", admits The Journal of Food, Drink, Travel & Fun, "there's a lot to like throughout."
* Filmink's Erin Free interviewed Warwick about the doco and fandom. When the doco was first launched back in October 2000, they reviewed it, describing it as "fascinating... a must for anyone interested in Star Wars or popular culture in general".
* Another early if brief review was from Sydney Scope: "a rare treat, not only for fans of Star Wars, but for those who just love a good mind-altering anthropological experience". (Still one of our favourite quotes...)
* Australia's What DVD magazine called it a "minor classic".
* Australia's DVD Now magazine featured both an interview and a review - "a film that intrigues and delights", they reckon.
* The Australian media bible Metro published an article by Warwick telling of the trials and tribulations of the making of PhanDom.
* Revolver magzine in Sydney did an interview with Warwick... though Craig's surname is Tonkin, we swear!
* A feature by Arts Columnist Fiona Parker from Melbourne's Inpress called it "amusing... the substance is thick".
* Melbourne film zine Scopofile also interviewed Warwick, describing the doco as "very impressive and absorbing".


* A very nice review over at Star Wars fan central We got an A-!
* Moviehole also liked it - "Highly entertaining" - 7 stars out of 8.
* Daily Reviews gave PhanDom 4.5 stars out of 5 - "brilliantly humorous... highly entertaining, even if you aren't a Star Wars fan".
* Digitally Obsessed said: "B+ - an often funny, inadvertently touching documentary"
* NextGen Electronics gave it 90% - "extremely entertaining".
* said it was a "hugely entertaining documentary that deftly treads the line between reverence and parody" and rated it 8/10 overall.
* DVD Talk gave the movie 3.5/5, describing it as "very enjoyable... the most intelligent and informative of the "fan" documentaries I've seen."
* Gray Area describe it as a "well done, polished ducumentary" (quack - they also got the features a little wrong but we're quibbling, aren't we...)
* Top marks (five bald heads out of five) from Bald Guy Movie Reviews. "It’s pretty damn funny, and yet, deeply frightening and a bit sad at the same time."

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